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Seeking after the Kingdom of God

From the CCCF archives | Michaelmas 2007 What is it that you live for? Why do you get out of bed every morning? Is there something to look forward to each day? Perhaps there are days when we don’t look forward to getting out of bed. There are still overdue essays to be completed, washing to be done and books to be read. Worse, there is the guy in the laboratory who thinks you are out to steal his ideas. One supermodel, Linda Evangelista once said that she wouldn’t get out of bed for less than US$10,000 a day. Some of us have more banal reasons. Many get out of bed simply to stop the alarm clock! Personally I get out of bed because my wife makes me a glorious breakfast everyday [perhaps that

Reflections on Hosea

There are two big things I struggle with at Cambridge. The first thing is anxiety. Being in an environment where everyone is working hard (seemingly harder than you) and there is so little time to do everything you want to do, it is easy to doubt myself about whether I am working hard enough, whether I am spending enough time with my friends or whether I am spending enough time alone with God every day. Linked to this, the second thing is my response when things go well, and when things don’t. The first key lesson I took from Hosea is highlighted towards the end of the book (Hosea 11). Whilst Israel has been ungrateful and not acknowledged God, God’s love remained constant throughout. The em

Reflections on Events Week

CICCU organised their massive REAL week last calendar week, and at the start of it, I was asking myself, how can I serve God through REAL in the position that I am in (as a member of CCCF)? I had no executable plan, but I asked my small group in Eden to pray that God would guide me there, and it has been quite amazing to see the doors he opened up. On Monday evening, I felt that I had to go for Michael Green’s talk. He shared about Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4. It’s a passage that I’ve heard many times, but the joy and passion that Michael exuded from preaching that passage was just so encouraging, so I left filled with so much joy, knowing that streams of living w

Ineffective Prayer

From the CCCF archives | Michaelmas 2007 There comes an hour when begging stops, When the long interceding lips Perceive their prayer is vain. Emily Dickinson The sun shone brightly; an Indian summer day in what had been a dreary month. The air was clear and the birds were chirping. It was the perfect day for football, but I paid no attention to any of this as I put on my boots and walked to the football field. With desperation on my lips I prayed, ‘Please God, help me not to embarrass myself too much today – just for today.’ I paused for a while, and then quickly added, ‘... for Your glory. Amen.’ Needless to say, I sufficiently humiliated myself on the pitch, even making a mistake that led