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The Balance of Faith and Work

Preface: I have titled this entry "The Balance of Faith and Work", because this has been one of my constant struggles here in Cambridge. I think that balancing "Faith and Work" can take on two meanings. It could mean "Christianity vs Academics" in general, or it could mean "Trust in God vs actual hard work". Whilst these two ideas undoubtedly overlap, what I hope to discuss is the second interpretation -- practically speaking, how much do I have to strive in terms of actual hard work, before my desire to work is tinged with anxiety, consequently compromising my trust in God? "The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the Lord"- Proverbs 21:31 As mentioned,

Thought of the Week

"If God performed a miracle in front of my eyes, then I would believe that He exists." As a young Christian, that phrase was a stinging rebuke. It made me squirm with discomfort at my inability to call down fire from heaven, to consume the people asking me difficult questions (and incinerate my embarrassment in the process). So, I settled for testifying to 'miraculously' passing tripos despite my lack of effort during the year, or 'miraculously' finding a bicycle lot at market square on a Saturday. Perhaps not the most biblical, but at the very least uncontroversial. However, I believe God paints a radical picture of miracles being worked for the good of those around us, and for the restor

A God Filled Summer

The first term of a new academic year is always hectic, but I've been taking the time to reflect and to be grateful for God's provision. I got baptised this June and it's been an interesting journey so far. I'm excited to see what He has planned ahead and pray that I'll continue growing in my faith. I'll be sharing two personal experiences from this past summer which have put me in awe at His generosity and His love. The first experience that I had relates to the church I went to all summer while I was in London. There were two things which made me feel very happy and blessed. Firstly, I was happy that I felt right at home, even from the very first service I attended in London. I felt so c

On being an intentional Christian in Cambridge

I arrived in Cambridge with a fair amount of anticipation. My journey to university was fraught, beset by administrative mistakes and unexpected diversions. I'd missed deadlines, not been able to attend interviews, and found myself pooled in the unlikeliest of ways. With each mistake I'd made, another opportunity arose. The fellows at Wolfson were kind enough to grant me an interview over Skype and fortuitously, happened to specialise in the topics of my submitted writing samples. Looking back, I have come to recognise a divine imprint in the way that the path to Cambridge was paved for me, a circumstantial push I attribute to God. This awareness of a divine presence framed the way I rega