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Sharing reflections on bible studies, CF Mondays or any other personal thoughts serve to edify and encourage fellow brothers and sisters in Christ - don't hesitate to share how God has been real in your life to the CCCF family!


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We always need photos to remember our past events or to celebrate our weekly meetings! To the shutterbugs in our family, we encourage you to send any photos to us @mail2cccf@gmail.com. Snap away!!


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Contrary to many, I’ve never liked to study in my room. It’s always easy to get distracted, the bed is in the corner asking you to lie down and with no one to look at you it’s very easy for my mind to get distracted. For some it could mean 15 minutes of YouTube videos,...

November 20, 2019

The title to this piece is filled with eye-catching buzzwords that seem to pop up in the occasional deep conversation, but what do these ideas really mean to us? Everyone faces insecurities. I definitely do and it's a form of fear -- it's symptomatic of a significant l...

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