CCCF Library Fund and Book Subsidy
Through the generosity of our members, the CCCF offers a book subsidy of up to 20% of the book cost to assist with the purchase of new, or second-hand, Christian literature in the pursuit of the knowledge of God. This subsidy also seeks to encourage members to share purchased books with each other for mutual edification.




To be eligible for the subsidy, the applicant must be a current, officially registered member of the Cambridge Chinese Christian Fellowship.

Defining Christian Literature

While “Christian Literature” constitutes a huge body of extremely varied writing, the books should deal with Christian themes and incorporate an element of the Christian world view. Final decisions on whether the books in application for the subsidy constitutes “Christian Literature” shall be made by the CCCF Committee.

Subsidy Scheme Procedure

To apply for the subsidy, please fill up this form. Your application will be treated with the strictest confidence and details will be used only by the CCCF Committee for the purposes related to the application for the subsidy. Provision of the subsidy to successful applicants is conditional upon the applicant supplying proof of purchase for the books.

After Reading

While reading and being edified by sound Christian literature is of great importance to the individual believer, we believe that the beneficial impact of such literature is multiplied by further sharing and discussion. Thus, recipients of the Book Subsidy are strongly encouraged to bless the community by sharing books with fellow members and posting book reviews/reflections to our CF community blog.

As a society, we rely on donations for funding our work, with the majority of our donations coming from individual supporters whom have been blessed greatly through our work. We would love for you to partner with our work financially - your support makes a significant difference to our work and ministry. we are incredibly grateful to all who support our work financially, however much they are able to give.

For monetary donations, our account details are as follows:

Sort Code:                     60-04-23
Account Number:        24063940
With the reference:     (Name)DN, e.g. BobLeeDN

We are incredibly grateful to all who support our work financially, however much they are able to give. If you would like to contribute to the CCCF community in any other manner or have any enquiries or requests regarding your contribution, please contact us at