Intimacy with God through the Word - a reflection

As I write words about the recent CF Monday titled ‘Intimacy with God through the Word’ using Microsoft Word, I wonder why anyone would spend their precious time reading my words when they could be reading what the God of the universe has to say to them. Psalms 119, which the speaker introduces, tells us that seeking God’s Word would bless us and help keep our hearts pure. But the Psalmist also describes how difficult it is to seek God and keep his statutes.

Intimacy with God is pretty difficult for me in Cambridge. With packed schedules and endless assignments, I spend less time on news, exercise, dota and also reading God’s Word. I then wonder why God seems so distant, like my closest JC friends that I have drifted from. Monday’s Talk reminded me that intimacy with God should begin with reading the Bible. So as I opened my Bible for the first time in ages, I feel slightly awkward to be hearing God’s Word. I feel the Holy Spirit slowly moving in me. I feel slightly closer to God, even as I feel like I have been drifting away for the longest time. As the speaker recalls how some of his Cambridge friends remain close to God while others drifted, I wonder where my own spiritual tug of war will bring me. I don’t know which of my childhood friendships will remain as time goes by, but I believe my relationship with God is one worth keeping.

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