Reflections on Events Week

CICCU organised their massive REAL week last calendar week, and at the start of it, I was asking myself, how can I serve God through REAL in the position that I am in (as a member of CCCF)? I had no executable plan, but I asked my small group in Eden to pray that God would guide me there, and it has been quite amazing to see the doors he opened up.

On Monday evening, I felt that I had to go for Michael Green’s talk. He shared about Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4. It’s a passage that I’ve heard many times, but the joy and passion that Michael exuded from preaching that passage was just so encouraging, so I left filled with so much joy, knowing that streams of living water is already flowing out of me because of my relationship with Christ. It was also a good reminder – that after being in the faith for some time, we might be caught up with the little details and theology that we lose track of the fundamental joy we already have in Christ, so that was a personal encouragement.

On Tuesday, I went for the lunch talk alone (as with Monday). But God led me to sit beside a seeker whom another CF member had brought. After the speaker talked about Jesus, I had a really interesting conversation with her about Jesus. I was quite encouraged that I could still be a blessing to the people around me though I didn’t have much to offer.

On Wednesday, rather than going for another talk, I volunteered to help out behind the scenes by preparing tea and coffee for distribution after the talk. This was partially inspired by another CF member who helped with the setting up of the evening talk. It was also immensely encouraging to see so many CICCU members willingly serving and helping out in whatever way they could – the same could be said for college guests who didn’t find it beneath themselves to make coffee.

On Thursday, a member from my CG was sharing a testimony, so it was a great opportunity to bring a friend from a Singaporean/ Malaysian background. Dinner was great, but the better part was that this invitation opened up conversations – not just for the friend I brought, but also for the others who have seen a spark through these testimonies.

On Friday, I brought the same friend for the lunchtime talk on world religions, which was something she had been considering. Although I left her there while I rushed for supervision, I was very encouraged by how she picked up the recommended books/ literature after the talk. There is progress, though I’ve yet to see the fruit.

Looking back, I could only say that I’m very grateful that God gave opportunities even though I didn’t have a detailed plan. Events week and evangelism doesn’t end here. There are plenty of follow-up events in churches in Cambridge, and our CG’s in CF will be organising their Chinese New Year dinners. What are we to do? GO AND KEEP REACHING OUT. If you profess that you love Jesus and have given your life to him, there should be a strong impetus for the advancement of His kingdom on earth (and this includes Cambridge).

Will you give your time and gifts for God’s glory this season? Keep inviting friends. And even if they say no, it does not restrict what you are able to give to God. Be available at these events to spark conversations with people. Help out behind the scenes so that people who are bringing friends would have less administrative hassle to manage. Whether people are saved is not up to you – that’s between them and God. But whether you are willing to give what you have for the advancement of God’s kingdom is your choice.

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