Jehovah Rophe - The Lord Heals

Thank God for revealing His names to us, that He is also the Lord who heals. Not just healing in the physical sense - although He is above all things, above our physical ailments, illnesses and viruses and even the seemingly inevitable degeneration from old age.

Our Father is a Healer of hearts too in the most sensitive ways. The deepest wounds and the most severe cuts, the incessant pain you might be suffering from a bad memory in the distant past, or a recent one you're still waiting to recover from.

Time heals all wounds, they always say. But I think time only makes the wounds hurt less. The heartaches merely fade into memories, memories which I know return to haunt us. This is something I think none of us can deny, because if we pause to reflect upon those past hurts, they come rushing readily back to us.

Are you holding anything in life that you need deliverance from? A sense of rejection? A caustic remark from a friend? A missed opportunity? A lost relationship? The death of a loved one? Failure?

I've been reading over the last few months, and I've been learning and coming to the realisation of all the past hurts that still have such an immense stronghold over me. Yes, I'm a child of God, and really thankful to be one. However, there are things I need to consciously bring before Him for healing. Write a list! Be as specific as you can. It's not that God doesn't know what hurts you have, but it's more beneficial for you to reflect upon them, in order to be delivered from them.

It's not easy, I'm still struggling with lots of hurts, and new ones come almost with every passing day. But at least I know that God will heal these wounds for me. Time makes a difference, but ultimately God is the divine healer. Jesus demonstrates this! Lepers, the blind, the lame, the sexually immoral... He forgives and He heals.

Trying to forget puts things off for a while, but it doesn't heal. Scars remain... Avoidance provides an avenue for a short-term respite, but ultimately you'll have to face up to the realities of life's demands. Blaming God won't go far either, although that seems almost a natural reaction.

Many a time I cannot see His big picture for my life. It's never as evident as the Big Issues you see in the streets. It's all so elusive, but that's why it's faith, and not sight.

What keeps me going is that if He is for me, then who can be against me? (Romans 8:31). With each passing trial comes multitude of lessons to learn. I'll wait and allow God to teach me more and more, all the lessons He wants me to learn in this span of life He has given me... And keep trusting in His healing power.

So let those trials come and thank God for them (James 1:2). And keep trusting His heart, and His providence of healing. He WILL deliver you from those hurts.

He is Jehovah Rophe.

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