Reflections On Word Alive

Over the past week, I had the privilege to attend Word Alive, a Christian Conference in Wales. I left with so many cherished memories from time spent with friends and with God, but I think the most memorable experience I had as attending the seminar series on depression. Paul Mallard, who had been a pastor for four decades, spoke earnestly and passionately about his own depression, which took on its most acute forms while he was at Cambridge. Pastor Mallard's experiences allowed me to understand that as someone also suffering depression, God is sovereign and will continue to draw me closer to Him, no matter how difficult life gets. I can continue to cast my anxieties upon Him, and know that I am with, in spirit, a multitude of Christians undergoing similar pain. I felt so encouraged and comforted by him drawing out several biblical figures who underwent depressive bouts, as well as preaching against any rosy notions that depression can be prayed away or cured. His line, that depression ultimately makes one homesick for heaven, will remain with me as I come back to finish my last term here.

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